Most events at Estate of Mind are hosted by or in collaboration with our residents. Some events are free of charge and open to the public, some have a cover or other costs, and some are private. Rates to host events start as low as free. If you would like to host or collaborate on an event here, reach out to with your proposal. 


Explore the est8:


Sunday mornings at 11am. Rain or shine.

Join tour guide, educator & co-owner Sparr Risher for a 2hr tour of Estate of Mind. We will explore inside the buildings, around the grounds, and through the wooded trails. Topics include our history, present, and visions for the future.

$10 (non refundable). RSVP here.

Sunday games

Sundays 1pm-5pm. In the dormitory building behind the manor.

Join us for board and card games, from our game library or bring your own. Attendees help choose from a wide variety of game styles and genres, from party and social to strategic and tactical to dexterity or trivia. Frequent things to hit our table have included Oath, Hamsterrolle, Just One, Lift It, Chess, Rumis, Gemblo, On The Underground, Pitchcar, Isle of Cats, Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition, Azul, The Crew, ...

There will usually be a game of Gloomhaven going on, with the intention of getting through the campaign quickly prior to cracking open Frosthaven. Drop in players for that are usually welcome, with each scenario lasting 30-90 minutes.

Bring a snack and/or beverage to share, if you can. Please park in the parking lot near the garage behind the manor and don't block the driveway.

No admission fee. Donations welcome but not expected.


Sundays from 5-7pm. In the dormitory building behind the manor.

A low-key hang with residents. Bring a snack and a playlist to share. This is especially designed for people who are interested in getting involved in the community, whether as a resident, event host, or art collaborator. Chat with whoever's around, or offer to help set up the OpenArt Sundays.

You're encouraged to give us a heads up before you show up by introducing yourself on our Discord server. Join here, then say hi in the #introductions channel.

No admission fee.

OpenArt Sundays

hosted by Sam

Sunday May 14 7-9pm. On the manor's side patio.

Bring your favorite drum, like a djembe or cajon, and keep the beat for the flow artists. Come play and learn with poi and staff, hoops and fans, join us in juggling, and more. Competent participants are welcome to spin fire with safety and supervision.

No admission fee. Donations welcome but not expected.

RSVP on Facebook

OpenArt Sundays

hosted by G.B.

Sunday May 21. 7-9pm. In the manor's grand ballroom.

Come tie or be tied in our Victorian ballroom, to the sounds of a crackling fire in our majestic fireplace, and with the presence and guidance of a skilled instructor.

Self-tiers and solo attendees welcome. A brief Rope 101 will be offered at the start of the session for those interested. The host will have limited amounts of some rope available for use, but please BYO if available to you.

No admission fee. Donations welcome but not expected.

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Gothic Fashion Photoshoot
with published photographer Sergio Salvucci of Wildthorn Productions

Saturday May 27. 1-7:30pm. Manor.

Photoshoot capturing a gothic fashion aesthetic, new and old with published photographer Sergio Salvucci of Wildthorn Productions at Estate of Mind, a Victorian mansion.

Time will be split between models as best as possible. You can bring multiple outfits. Photos will be edited and sent off within three days after the shoot.

Up to 12 models. $100 per model. 25 edited photos

Ticket link (purchase in advance or pay in person at the event)

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OpenArt Sundays

hosted by Jeremy & Victoria

Sunday May 28. 7-9pm. On the manor's side patio.

Perform your newest piece for a supportive audience in a Victorian ballroom, accompanied by the sounds of a crackling fire in a majestic stone fireplace.

Some backline is provided (including keys!), but the grand and reverberant room also lends itself well to acoustic performances. Beginners welcome.

No admission fee. Donations welcome but not expected.

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The evening festivities begin from 5-7pm with a drop-in Potluck Disco in the dormitory. Bring snacks and playlists to share.

The art begins at 7pm. Sometimes it’s fire spinning & drum circles, sometimes it’s an open mic music & poetry jam, and sometimes it’s shibari rope arts. If you want to host another type of OpenArt evening, get in touch at

8:30-9pm As these are volunteer-run events, we ask attendees to help out with tidying up so we can leave no trace and minimize impact on the artists in residence here. Help us gather trash and recycling, make sure the fires are safely out, that furniture and clutter are returned to their rightful homes, the dishes get done, the leftovers get put away, the counters get wiped and the floors get swept.


*What does it mean for alcohol to be de-emphasized? And why?

We are offering the est8 for more community events

Need a space to host a recurring, free or low-cost event or workshop open to the community? We'd love to chat and see if this could be a good fit. Email Some of the events we're open to hosting include: