weekly events - EVEry SUNDAy!

Explore the est8: 90min history & vision walking tour

Sunday mornings at 11:30am. Rain or shine. RSVP required.
$10 donation.

Join tour guide, educator & co-owner Sparr Risher for a 2hr tour of Estate of Mind. We will explore inside the buildings, around the grounds, and through the wooded trails. Topics include our history, present, and visions for the future.

Start point: Park in the rear lot, meet on the front porch of the manor.

Sunday Games

Sundays 1pm-5pm. No RSVP required, just show up!
Free of charge. Donations are welcome but not expected.

Join us for board and card games, from our game library or bring your own. Attendees help choose from a wide variety of game styles and genres, from party and social to strategic and tactical to dexterity or trivia. There's usually a game of Gloomhaven going on, with the intention of getting through the campaign quickly prior to cracking open Frosthaven. Drop in players for that are usually welcome, with each scenario lasting 30-90 minutes.

Start point: Please park in the parking lot near the shed behind the manor and don't block the driveway. Come down the hill and enter the dormitory building through the bright blue door, go down a few steps and turn right to "the Disco".


Join us the first Friday of every month for lots of events. Fire spinning, live music, art workshops, and more. Read all about it here.

We are offering the est8 for more community events

Need a space to host a recurring, free or low-cost event or workshop open to the community? We'd love to chat and see if this could be a good fit. Email ideas@est8ofmind.com Some of the events we're open to hosting include: