The property has three residential structures. The manor is the largest and most historic, and was built for the Whitin-Lasell family in 1890. The colonial house and dorm were built in the mid-1900s by the church. There are 39 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms (some halfs, some full+), along with many small to large common rooms. There is currently a moderate garage/shed, and we have plans to build a large garage/workshop. There are also expansive lawn and garden areas, along with 20 acres of forest and a small stream.

At this time we're using the upstairs of the shed as a wood shop, downstairs as metal shop and yard equipment storage. We have small tools and materials in the dorm multipurpose room while we renovate the kitchen and other parts of the dorm. That will all move to the manor workshop soon as work on that building ramps up. Our plan for the bedrooms call for 25 to house people and the rest to be put to various other purposes such as art and craft and recording studios, meditation and yoga and gym, etc.

Not yet pictured on the map is a small trail system we're making in the woods. The near side of the stream has our new 0.3 mile loop with a few spurs. The far side of the stream has some preexisting trails that connect to the neighboring forest parcels.