Meet US

Read about some of the people involved in building Estate of Mind. Not everyone who lives here wants to have their photo or bio featured here, so here are some bios of peope who opted-in. This is truly a collaborative environment, where we create art together and also creatively problem solve together, and we're always excited about new collaborators.

victoria dobbs

Victoria (she/her) is a serial intentional-community co-creator who has built quirky homes for quirky artists in Toronto, San Francisco, and now whimsical Whitinsville. She began producing theatre in the nostalgic '90s, and got into immersive theatre in the Bay Area, where she produces a NYC-themed New Year's party called I<3NYE ( She's also a vocalist (, who loves to sing on stages, and write and record songs of her own. She's been doing social media marketing since before the Y2K bug, has has worked on campaigns for artists like Beyonce, Disney, My Chemical Romance, and more, but is most passionate about helping promote independent artists. She's also a professional organizer (, with a specialization in communal environments, like makerspaces and co-living spaces, and a passion for helping artists set up functional studios where they can create in a way unencompered by clutter. She's a co-owner and the community manager at Estate of Mind (


Sparr's passion is enabling people to pursue their passions in novel and exciting ways. This is often expressed through creative logistics and organization. Estate of Mind is the fourth significant coliving community he has founded, and his first time buying real estate.

He enjoys fabrication activities both large (carpentry, welding, assembly, rigging) and small (electronics, 3d printing). He regularly hosts board game and photo shoot events, and occasionally also camping and other outdoor activities.

He is a professional software developer and contributes to many open source software projects both professionally and as a hobby.

Wizard Sam

Sam Perry (he/him) was raised by clowns, and spent his childhood performing in and directing Shakespeare. After earning a BFA in Theater Arts with a Physical Theater specialty from Boston University's Theater Conservatory, Sam co-founded the interactive, fire, & performance art group known as The Grasshopper Collective. Sam has performed as an actor, stilt walker, clown, mask maker, puppeteer, juggler, fire spinner, wizard, and movement artist, and has performed and directed in numerous theater companies, circus guilds, stage shows, festivals, parties, and parades. Sam is now 12 years into his role as Regional Coordinator of Chess Wizards, after-school enrichment programming that teaches chess to children ages 6-14. Sam continues to organize fire & flow spin-jams at Estate of Mind and beyond, and has always had a love for storytelling and interactive art.


Zelda (she/her), a self-taught mixed media artist, has broadened her artistic horizons from intimate narrative sculptures to a wide spectrum of mediums including painting, papier-mâché sculpting, jewelry-making, photography, and foil collage. She was a driving force in her previous art community in Ogden, Utah. As the successful owner of her unique shop, "Curiosities," from 2012 to 2015, Zelda nurtured a culture of upcycling and art appreciation through community classes and participation in local events like the "First Friday Art Stroll." Zelda is an artist in residence at Estate of Mind, where she contributes creative insights to collaborate on the organization and development of projects and events. Zelda's mixed media prowess is on display in her series of intricate draped cement projects around the Estate of Mind grounds. 


Lydia (she/they) comes to us from a small village outside of Worcester MA, this self-taught fiber artist can be found wondering yarn and coffee shops –if spotted in public do not approach! She’s easily frightened. Lydia has started expanding her artistic skills here at the estate, she can be found hoovering around with a camera in hand, while the fire sprites dance and spin sticks on fire. As a resident of the estate Lydia is excited to help with future photoshoots, fire & flow spin-jams and other events.

Stuart Ryerse

Stuart (he/him), a musician, audio engineer, and juggler located in Boston, and a non-resident member of Estate of Mind. He plays piano, recorder, mandolin, guitar, bass guitar, marimba, and harpsichord, in addition to singing, composing, and songwriting. He performs solo variety shows in addition to performing with his bands, Heartwood Junction, Lampyridæ and Running Out of Tuesdays.

Stuart has also performed with the Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra, the Boston Recorder Orchestra, Renaissonics, and a variety of NEC ensembles. He was co-music-director for two musicals at Shippensburg University, and has been the accompanist for many others. For a year, he co-created and accompanied fully improvised musicals at the Harrisburg Improv Theater twice per month.  He is also a recording engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, piano tuner, music educator and expert in ear training.

B.M., Contemporary Improvisation, New England Conservatory

Jeremy Edwardes

Jeremy Paul deBurgh Edwardes (he/him), was born in England in 1953 the son of a rocket scientist and an actor, which began a lifelong journey exploring the meeting place between art and technology. Currently a multi-media performance artist in residency at Estate of Mind. A childhood in Montreal in the '60s appearing on stage on television, led to tours in the '70s with the National Theatre School where his mother had studied with William Shatner. Jeremy apprenticed in framing and exhibiting work for the Canadiana House in Calgary, studied Painting and Sculpture at the Alberta College of Art and has diplomas in Integrated and New Media from the Ontario College of Art and Design. As a musical clown in the 90’s, Jeremy worked for the Cirque du Soleil and performed at the Lincoln Center in NYC. As a creative producer, Jeremy has received many international awards including an Oscar for best animated short film in 2005.


Zenab Ahmed (she/they/it) is a Pakistani-Canadian writer, editor, freelance journalist and creative thinker. She grew up in three countries, and has lived across North America, Europe, and Southern Asia, where she has been involved in numerous politics causes, including those related to Palestine-Israel, Abortion, HIV-AIDS, migrant and refugee solidarity, prison abolition, and global Islamic politics. As a graduate student at SOAS University of London, UK, she studies comparative legal theory on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. She is a published author, and while Zenab has mostly written journalistic and academic works, including for Viewpoint Magazine, Truth Out, and The Guardian Comment Is Free, she has also been exploring poetry, and immersive theater, since living and working in San Francisco. Zenab first came to Estate of Mind in connection with research activities in New England, and has steadily deepened her collaborative relationships with other artists in residence. Zenab greatly benefits from a supportive and nurturing environment surrounded by other artists, visionaries and creative thinkers, and has thrived in her residency at Estate of Mind, particularly under the guidance and mentorship of Victoria.

...more bios coming soon!