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Read about some of the people involved in building Estate of Mind. Not everyone who lives here wants to have their photo or bio featured here, so here are some bios of peope who opted-in. This is truly a collaborative environment, where we create art together and also creatively problem solve together, and we're always excited about new collaborators.

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victoria dobbs

Victoria (she/her) is a serial intentional-community co-creator who has built quirky homes for quirky artists in Toronto, San Francisco, and now whimsical Whitinsville. She began producing theatre in the nostalgic '90s, and got into immersive theatre in the Bay Area, where she produces a NYC-themed New Year's party called I<3NYE ( She's also a vocalist (, who loves to sing on stages, and write and record songs of her own. She's been doing social media marketing since before the Y2K bug, has has worked on campaigns for artists like Beyonce, Disney, My Chemical Romance, and more, but is most passionate about helping promote independent artists and their events. She's also a professional organizer (, with a specialization in communal environments, like makerspaces and co-living spaces, and a passion for helping artists set up functional studios where they can create in a way unencumbered by clutter. She's a co-owner and the community manager at Estate of Mind (


Sparr (he/him) is passionate about enabling people to pursue their passions in novel and exciting ways. This is often expressed through creative logistics and organization. Estate of Mind is the fourth significant coliving community he has founded, and his first time buying real estate.

He enjoys fabrication activities both large (carpentry, welding, assembly, rigging) and small (electronics, 3d printing). He regularly hosts board game and photo shoot events, and occasionally also camping and other outdoor activities.

He is a professional software developer and contributes to many open source software projects both professionally and as a hobby.

Wizard Sam

Sam Perry (he/him) was raised by clowns, and spent his childhood performing in and directing Shakespeare. After earning a BFA in Theater Arts with a Physical Theater specialty from Boston University's Theater Conservatory, Sam co-founded the interactive, fire, & performance art group known as The Grasshopper Collective. Sam has performed as an actor, stilt walker, clown, mask maker, puppeteer, juggler, fire spinner, wizard, and movement artist, and has performed and directed in numerous theater companies, circus guilds, stage shows, festivals, parties, and parades. Sam is now 12 years into his role as Regional Coordinator of Chess Wizards, after-school enrichment programming that teaches chess to children ages 6-14. Sam continues to organize fire & flow spin-jams at Estate of Mind and beyond, and has always had a love for storytelling and interactive art.


Zelda (she/her) is a self-described lesbian mixed media artist, explorer of the human connection, ocean wave aficionado, and newly-published author of her memoir, Zelda Rising.

Zelda has broadened her artistic horizons from intimate narrative sculptures to a wide spectrum of mediums including painting, papier-mâché sculpting, jewelry-making, photography, and foil collage. She was a driving force in her previous art community in Ogden, Utah. As the successful owner of her unique shop, "Curiosities," from 2012 to 2015, Zelda nurtured a culture of upcycling and art appreciation through community classes and participation in local events like the "First Friday Art Stroll."

We met Zelda in April when she arrived at the est8 exclaiming how she’d found us in a dream even before she’d heard of us. She added that when she first saw mention of Estate of Mind, in a passing online Reddit comment, she felt an inexplicable pull, and a sense that this was where she was meant to be.

After visiting, her initial intuition was only solidified. She wrote, “The atmosphere, the energies, and the creative aura of the place felt as if they were tailor-made for me. I've decided we are on a ley line. The magnetic effects, and the peculiar energies that seem to permeate the area. The way the trees in the forest bend and twist supernaturally. They set my imagination on fire, fueling my creativity and growing me as an artist and human in so many ways. The very essence of this place has become my go-to explanation for any unexpected spark of creativity or strange magic.”

While at Estate of Mind, Zelda has completed writing and published her first book, which she describes as follows:

At 47, after a life-altering mental breakdown, Zelda bravely steps into an unknown world, leaving behind the familiarity of Utah for a rural Massachusetts artist community. This heartfelt memoir unveils a remarkable journey of self-discovery, courage, and the pursuit of authenticity. From the depths of despair to the heights of self-acceptance, I confront my fears, embrace my true identity as a lesbian, and surrender to the universe’s unpredictable path. My story, often summarized as ‘running away to join the circus,’ is a testament to the power of resilience and the beauty of embracing life’s unexpected turns. Join me on this inspiring journey, as I navigate the challenges of starting anew, finding community, and claiming my life at a time when most are settling into theirs.


Lydia (she/they) comes to us from a small village outside of Worcester MA, this self-taught fiber artist can be found wondering yarn and coffee shops –if spotted in public do not approach! She’s easily frightened. Lydia has started expanding her artistic skills here at the estate, she can be found hoovering around with a camera in hand, while the fire sprites dance and spin sticks on fire. As a resident of the estate Lydia is excited to help with future photoshoots, fire & flow spin-jams and other events.

Stuart Ryerse

Stuart (he/him) is a musician, audio engineer, and juggler who splits his time between a Boston-based intentional community of professional musicians, and Estate of Mind, where he helps manage the event venue, serves as our piano technician, and our in-house AV lead. He plays piano, recorder, mandolin, guitar, bass guitar, marimba, and harpsichord, in addition to singing, composing, and songwriting. He performs solo variety shows in addition to performing with his bands, Heartwood Junction, Lampyridæ, Running Out of Tuesdays, and Imaginary Friends.

Stuart has also performed with the Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra, the Boston Recorder Orchestra, Renaissonics, and a variety of NEC ensembles. He was co-music-director for two musicals at Shippensburg University, and has been the accompanist for many others. For a year, he co-created and accompanied fully improvised musicals at the Harrisburg Improv Theater twice per month.  He is also a recording engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, piano tuner, music educator and expert in ear training.

B.M., Contemporary Improvisation, New England Conservatory


Georgia (she/her) is a lover of arts, written word, Fire-Dancing, and a Barista with a Heart of Playfulness.

💃 Dancing Enthusiast who thrives on movement and rhythm—seizing any opportunity to groove when the music starts playing. 🎶

🃏 Card Game Maestro with an arsenal of card games learned from summer camp, always ready to turn any gathering into a thrilling game night. 🃏

🌼 Hippie at Heart finding solace in Yoga meditation and embracing the tranquil vibes of nature. 🌿

🤹‍♀️ Passionate Social Butterfly who radiates positivity, loves cracking jokes, and cherishes the art of playful banter. 🦋

🌈 Living at Estate of Mind, Georgia brings a unique blend of creativity, warmth, and a dash of hippie spirit to every interaction, creating an environment ALL spirits, living or dead are welcome 🤗

Folahan Shodipo

Folahan (he/him) and his extremely-chill-vibes arrived at Estate of Mind in late 2023, when he developed a love for the space and its potential. He leads yoga sessions at the est8 at least once per week, and coordinates guest projects and activities, like hikes to Purgatory Chasm or Lookout Rock, or group cleanup days around the est8’s grounds.

Folahan likes that the est8 “pushes me into a service mindset of how I can give to community”, and strives to provide a sacred space for yoga, give guests a fun experience, and drive community outreach. His raison d'être is to bring love and harmony, and he feels inspired and engaged by “the kind souls I've met who guided and blessed me”. 

Folahan Taught yoga in the U.S. and Japan, and completed 8 months of Yoga training at the Krishna Hindu Temple Of Utah.


In addition to yoga and volunteering, Folahan’s interests include exercise, martial Arts, video production, cinematography, and animation. He draws inspiration from Shaolin Masters like Shi Heng Yi, and esoteric speakers like Alan Watts and Joe Dispenza.

Check out Folahan’s original content and cartoons on youtube.

Matt Fear


Matt Fear (he/him) has been involved with improv since 1994, in various capacities. Before joining Kismet, he worked full-time with ImprovBoston as an actor, instructor, and manager of the comedy school. He studied theater at Eastern Illinois University and once read a play by William Shakespeare, after which he exclaimed, “I CAN MAKE UP A BETTER PLAY THAN THIS!” However, he was asked to quiet down by the person sitting next to him on the bus. You can catch Matt performing regularly with the Central Massachusetts Actors Collective and the Kismet Marquee Players (Pawtucket, RI).

Jamie Bates


Born and raised in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, Jamie (she/her) has been an artist since childhood, and taking photos since middle school. A graduate of Framingham State University in 2001 and New England School of Photography's Professional Photography Program in 2003.

Jamie now runs Wicked Depiction Photography. Blending her love for the darker things in life with digital photography, her fantasy composite portraits are a unique product that very few photography studios are offering to the public. It's Jamie's mission to show people that magic really CAN exist, and they can be a part of it. 

"I absolutely love working with my clients to create one-of-a-kind portraits that they can proudly display for generations to come. A lifelong lover of fantasy and science fiction, I love being able to allow my clients to step into a world of their own creation, where their imagination takes center stage. I realized my dream of opening Wicked Depiction Photography Studio in 2018, and the rest is history. I look forward to meeting you and helping to bring your dreams and fantasies to life with portraits that truly allow you to become part of the art on your walls."

- Jamie

As a lifelong resident of the area, Jamie has always been in love with Oakhurst Manor. However, she never got a chance to actually visit until one of her close friends became a resident at the est8.

"I absolutely love the whole idea of what Estate of Mind is trying to create in the community, as a welcoming space for artists and creatives of all kinds, and from all backgrounds. As a photographer, the entire location holds a kind of magic for me. From the grand staircase to the enchanting ballroom and sprawling lawns, the entire location just sings with ideas for new artworks. I look forward to collaborating more with the other artists there and being a part of building a creative community for everyone to enjoy."

- Jamie

Kevin "Mayhem" O'Sullivan


Born in the xenial microgeneration of 1977, Kevin O’Sullivan (he/him/meow) is a serial underachiever who is often broke and unemployed, some call him “Mayhem”. He enjoyed an analog childhood but in his early teens AOL started mailing out free trial CD’s. An eccentric autodidact who survived the freewheelin 1980’s in the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston where in 1989; NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton” was his chosen soundtrack. By the late 1990’s he was hanging with a large group of ravers; dancing almost every night.

He has worked as a bike messenger, pro sports mascot, ironworker and early dotcom dispatcher & vehicle router while using only paper maps and brain power until modern metaheuristics started automating this. After several failed IPO’s he craved something tangible and less speculative. For the last 20+ years this has been as a commercial fisherman where as independent contractor, he was paid strictly by his performance while also enjoying flexible scheduling.

Is he a conundrum? A former US Marine 0311 yet a practicing pacifist. He lives within a nuclear family in New Bedford, MA where he is a husband, father and caretaker of pets and house plants but also embraces intentional poverty and still occasionally travels while hopping freight trains and hitchhiking. A participant of Burning Man since 2013 turned DPW worker yet is also approaching 10 years of sobriety, celibacy and living nonviolent.

He can usually be found researching and analyzing anything and everything online, striving for cognizance. This habit of self directed learning and doing has resulted in many proficiencies and his capabilities, insight and experience could aptly describe him as a creative polymath. He writes doggerel poetry that was previously directly published online but is now getting consolidated into a future Shanty Society website that will act as a central depository.

Touring with punk bands he started making graphics which turned into a creative side hustle that caters to bands called False Flag Tour Support. He restricts his distorted cut and paste crafting of graphics by only using free software, often repurposing public domain visuals and or sampling unclaimed subject matter from the bowels of the internet until AI/ML can soon fully master the graphic design process.

Jeremy Edwardes

Jeremy Paul deBurgh Edwardes (he/him), was born in England in 1953 the son of a rocket scientist and an actor, which began a lifelong journey exploring the meeting place between art and technology. Currently a multi-media performance artist in residency at Estate of Mind. A childhood in Montreal in the '60s appearing on stage on television, led to tours in the '70s with the National Theatre School where his mother had studied with William Shatner. Jeremy apprenticed in framing and exhibiting work for the Canadiana House in Calgary, studied Painting and Sculpture at the Alberta College of Art and has diplomas in Integrated and New Media from the Ontario College of Art and Design. As a musical clown in the 90’s, Jeremy worked for the Cirque du Soleil and performed at the Lincoln Center in NYC. As a creative producer, Jeremy has received many international awards including an Oscar for best animated short film in 2005.



Zenab Ahmed (she/they/it) is a Pakistani-Canadian writer, editor, freelance journalist and creative thinker. She grew up in three countries, and has lived across North America, Europe, and Southern Asia, where she has been involved in numerous politics causes, including those related to Palestine-Israel, Abortion, HIV-AIDS, migrant and refugee solidarity, prison abolition, and global Islamic politics. As a graduate student at SOAS University of London, UK, she studies comparative legal theory on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. She is a published author, and while Zenab has mostly written journalistic and academic works, including for Viewpoint Magazine, Truth Out, and The Guardian Comment Is Free, she has also been exploring poetry, and immersive theater, since living and working in San Francisco. Zenab first came to Estate of Mind in connection with research activities in New England, and has steadily deepened her collaborative relationships with other artists in residence. Zenab greatly benefits from a supportive and nurturing environment surrounded by other artists, visionaries and creative thinkers, and has thrived in her residency at Estate of Mind, particularly under the guidance and mentorship of Victoria.

...more bios coming soon!