For a limited time, while work is being done to revitalize the property, we are occasionally offering the use of the photogenic portions of the manor and grounds in exchange for a representative sample of the content you make here, royalty free. We've had a large number of requests to make certain types of content, leaving us flush with examples in those directions, so more unusual or novel opportunities are our preference at this point. Educational, low-income, or charitable endeavors may request a free booking. We ask those who are in a position to do so, such as those producing commercial or corporate works, to please contribute a nominal fee, on a sliding or pay-what-you-can scale. If you want to give back but are unable to contribute financially, we are open to all sorts of creative barters, let's talk. For paid bookings, we can offer add-ons like uninterrupted silence during your shoot, multi-day shoots, or on-site overnight accommodations for your production crew. A calendar of our availability can be found below. Please email us at if you would like to shoot here or collaborate with us on some other project.